Terms & Conditions of Hire

It is the responsibility of the person / persons hiring our equipment to ensure all steps possible are taken to avoid injury to person / persons when using our inflatables and to prevent damage to our equipment. As a hirer, we want you to enjoy our equipment but also take responsibility and adhere to the following guidelines of safe play. Abba Dabba Bouncy Castle Company cannot accept any liability for any damage or injury caused when using our equipment and in doing so the hirer / persons / organisations use so at their own risk.

Hiring Agreement

Before taking delivery of your inflatable unit, please make sure that the area in which it is to be used is clear of any sharp or hard objects, also of anything that may mark or damage our inflatables. Also please make sure that there is enough room for your unit and a suitable area around the perimeter to allow for stakes, bags or fencing if necessary. If you are unsure of the sizes you need please email us on abba.dabba@live.com and we can reply with all the space requirements you may need.

Once our staff have arrived with your unit please make sure that all access routes are free and that they can setup safely without any interference. As you can imagine some of our inflatables are extremely heavy so in order for us to setup, we will need the area clear of persons and animals to inflate our units.

Once the units are ready our members of staff will go through with you the following -

Maximum amount of people to use the units at any one time.
Maximum age allowed on the units.
How to operate the units.
Any specific operations or equipment needed for that particular unit.
If there are any weather factors such a rain or wind forecasted, and advise you accordingly.

If there is anything you are unsure about or do not understand, no matter what question, please ask and our staff will go through any queries you may have.

Guidelines Of Safe Play

When in charge of the units, it is important to remember the following rules.

-A responsible adult must supervise the inflatables at all times, this person must have read the terms and conditions of hire.

-Only children to use children's inflatables, adults are only permitted if attending to children on the inflatable or assisting them. At no point are adults allowed to jump or bounce while children are on the inflatable.

-If there is a large age gap of children using the units then it is advised that you run 'smaller' and 'bigger' groups of children separately so they can enjoy it with children of similar ages.

-If any of the inflatable units come with a front safety step, please make sure that there is no bouncing or playing on this, it is only to be used to aid in entering and exiting the unit. Also that there is to be no climbing on the walls of the units.

-When operating a unit with a slide, please make sure that there is to be no jumping off the slide and that anyone using this must make sure they slide down, exit at the bottom and never try to climb back up.

-Please make sure that no one uses the equipment while it is inflating or deflating, only once it has fully inflated is it safe to use.

-If light rain falls then the equipment should be used at the hirers desecration. If more heavy rain persists then please make sure that all users are off the units and switch off until bad weather passes, once the unit is back up and running, please ensure water is removed from the unit before play to stop and slips, trips or falls.

-Wind may become a factor if operating outdoors, please note that if high winds persist, please make sure everyone stays a safe distance from the units until it passes.

-Please make sure that all shoes, glasses and jewellery are removed before using the units, anyone suffering with back, neck or head problems are also advised not to use our equipment. Also anyone who has recently had any form of surgery should not attend.

-Please make sure that no food, face paint, silly string or party poppers make their way onto the units, a cleaning charge of £50.00 is taken if the units are not returned in the same condition. Also any damage caused through misuse is chargeable.

-In the unlikely event that the units start to deflate, please check the following-
That the blower is in the correct upright position.
That there is power to the blowers.
That no tampering with the equipment has caused it to deflate.

If there are any problems then please call us back up and we will attend the problem.

By way of signature of this document, I, the hirer accept full responsibility for the safety of the persons using this equipment and agree to supervise it all times. I am also aware that I am liable for any damages that may occur through misuse or reckless use of this equipment. I also confirm that I have read the above hire agreement and guidelines of safe play and that Abba Dabba Bouncy Castles have explained and settled any questions or queries I may have had.


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